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The Christmas Sound of the Clavichord

Many will have heard of the clavichord, though there are a good portion of those people who dont really know what a clavichord is. It will often be mentioned in the books that are based in that time, or will have been an instrument mentioned in history class when studying some of the famous musicians and composers of the earlier periods. It was an instrument that was used to practice on and many of the well-known composers during the Classical, Baroque and Renaissance periods often used the clavichord to compose music. It is a string instrument that is played by hitting the strings, which were made out of iron or brass, in order to create a note.

When most think of the clavichord, they see it as an instrument that has been around for a very long time. In fact, the clavichord was first constructed during the early 1400s.

From then on, it grew in popularity for the next three hundred years until it fell out of favor during the 1700s. During the later half of the 1800s century, some interest in the clavichord grew again and they continue to be constructed and used today.

While it is true that it is not one that is used in much of modern music, it is used by musicians who enjoy playing music from the three main periods that the clavichord found most use. It is one of those instruments that will always find a place somewhere because it was built for the music that is still played today, though many who are new to music will be unaware of the clavichords existence or even know exactly what it is.

The clavichord is an instrument that will not bore a person who takes the time to learn how to play it. It can be a rewarding instrument to play because it will always offer some challenge, but it also has a unique sound that cannot be duplicated by other instruments. This could very well be why many musicians who favor the music of the three periods mentioned above prefer to play the clavichord instead of another instrument.

It still holds enough popularity in todays world because of the strong interest that still exists for the music of the past. Therefore, if one has an interest in learning how to play it, it would not be too difficult to find someone who could teach them how to play it.

It is an instrument that most would have to try and learn outside of school, because it is a more complex instrument, requires more time to learn how to play it properly and is probably a little too expensive for teaching in public schools; however, this is the case with most string instruments, which are more expensive as a whole. It could be possible to purchase a used clavichord for a lesser price, though it could take some searching. While it is more popular than many of the older instruments that are still played today, it is not as common or popular as many of the modern instruments used in much of todays music.


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