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Stun Guns and Their Physiological Effects

Have ever watched the TV show Star Trek and heard of the Romulan disruptor stun weapon? Have you ever thought about what it disrupts? Does it disrupt all the molecules in the person on the receiving end of the ray gun? What about a real stun gun? What does a real stun gun disrupt? In this article, I will attempt to explain to you what a stun gun does disrupt on the scientific level. The basic premise of a stun gun is to disrupt the communication superhighway between the brain and the peripheral nerves. In general, stun guns put out a high-voltage, low amperage charge. Simply put, the stun gun exhibits a lot of punches but lack of power behind those punches.

It is kind of like a 3-year-old kid punching the heck out of his daddy's face but does not have enough force behind those punches to put his father in the hospital. Upon depressing the stun gun's trigger, the electric charge passes into the perpetrator's body. Because it is high voltage (lots of punches), the electric charge will pass through thick clothing, fat under the skin, and subcutaneous soft tissue, particularly muscle. However, the low amperage (lack of power) does not have enough intensity to cause damage to the perpetrator's body unless the charge is applied over a period of time.

The electric charge of a real stun gun "disrupts" or interrupts the attacker's nervous system. The following results could happen:

  • The charge of the stun gun can act synergistically with the electrical signals from the brain causing end tissue, such as a muscle, to contract continuously over short amount of time. The attacker will have a hard time telling is muscles to move in a different direction. This continuous contraction of the muscle will be hard to stop by the attacker due to the influx of an external charge provided by the stun gun. In laymen's terms, if he wanted to cease contracting his muscles, he couldn't because the charge provided by the stun gun is supplying the nerves that connect to his muscles.

  • The charge of the stun gun can exhibit a pulse frequency that imitates the body's own electrical signals. In this method, the charge from the stun gun will tell the attacker's muscles to do a ton of work, namely rapid repetitive contraction, in order to exhaust the attacker's adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in his muscle cells. ATP is the energy currency of all cells in the body.

    It is the energy of ATP that causes muscles to contract. The lack of ATP in the attacker's muscles will result in muscular weakness in the attacker. In other words, he will be too dazed and weak to get up after getting shocked.

  • The attacker has the same muscles and nerves throughout his entire body.

    Therefore, strategically placing the probes of the stun gun really does not matter in order to put down an attacker. Note, however. Putting the probes of the stun gun in the attacker's stomach will not only cause severe muscular contraction in his abdominal (skeletal) muscles, but also cause the smooth muscles making up the digestive tract and the urinary bladder to contract as well. Simply put, you can cause your attacker to defecate AND urinate in his pants by the time he kisses the concrete!! YOU would have been a bad choice for this street punk.

    Fabiola Castillo is a freelance article writer for the website NinjaCOPS SuperStore. This virtual store specializes in personal defense products where you can buy pepper spray, kubaton keychains, wireless hidden cameras, nunchaku technique videos, pink Taser stun guns, expandable steel batons, and many other home security products.

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