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Internet Addiction Learn How to Connect Without Wireless Connections

Instant messaging, text messaging, email, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. With technology moving faster than a T1 connection, every day brings another way to keep in touch without actually having to show up in person. What started as a fun pastime has turned into a modern-day obsession unlike any other.

It seems that the more connected we are, the more disconnected we become. Because of the obsession, people have become more overweight and relationships of every kind have disintegrated under the spell of computer games and chat rooms. In addition, people of all ages are developing at a staggering rate: 1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 2. Computer Vision Syndrome 3. Back problems 4.

Financial problems 5. Circulation problems And more No longer are real communities connected. Instead, people choose to connect to online communities and have virtual friends and romantic "relationships" instead of face-to-face contact.

People hide behind their "defenses" (computers, cell phones, etc.) making their own version of a "real connection" with computer games that allow users to build and have a "relationship" with their idea of a perfect family or mate. Couples often jump faster into bed with their laptop than they do their partner. How can we change the world we live in and start reconnecting with reality when we are so disconnected? Like any other addiction, the only way to conquer it is to take it one step at a time, one day at a time.

Here are a few helpful suggestions to help you start on the path of reconnection without technology: 1. If you have family and friends that are far away, why not send them a real letter? Stamps are available at that place called the Post Office. 2. Have a conversation in the flesh with someone that does not involve hardware or software as an intervening third party.

Walk to a friend or family member's home and have a dialogue without email or texting. If you find that your verbal skills have become rusty, write a script of casual topics of discussion with questions like: A. What did you do today? B.

How is your family? C. How was school / work? D. Ask general questions to get the conversation started and listen to what the other person has to say. If you really listen, you will be able to pick up additional questions you can ask along the way. 1.

Parents, just say no. When did the word no become such an evil word? You are not abusing or depriving your child by using it. Disconnect the computer and safeguard your children.

If they need to research a paper for school, take them down to the library or help them with their research on the Internet. You can then monitor what they view and do online. When the work is done, disconnect and remove the computer when you aren't around. Get your children involved in life so computers don't become their life. 2. Stop playing computer games and get back into some of the classic board games such as Life, Monopoly, Yahtzee and other games.

3. Restless and bored? Go to a park and fly a kite. Head to the beach and take a picnic with you. The point is to get outside and start moving.

4. If you're addicted to chat rooms, why not start a face-to-face chat room in your own home. Set up a theme night and invite family and friends over to partake in a real life chat room. No hardware, software, cell phones or wireless connections allowed. If some of your guests become antsy about not using their cell phones, remind them that you have a landline they can use. 5.

If most of your relationships live on the Internet, join a local social or sports club or become involved in a local charity. Learning to socialize in new ways can be fun. These are just a few steps to help you get back into the game of life and away from meaningless connections. The Internet, computers, wireless connections, cell phones, iPod's, etc. are useful and can make life a lot easier and fun. Technology is not the enemy; it's the uncontrolled use of technology that's ruining our society and our relationships.

Jaci Rae is a No. 1 Best Selling author of Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time. Book Jaci for your next show: and hit contact button for her publicist.

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