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How To Reduce The Risk Of You Being Deported

A lot of people are immigrants, in fact, population statistics indicate that if it were not for immigrants, the population would be in decline. Getting your forms in order is the first step in achieving citizenship and being able to live and work in the country of your choice permanantly. 1. Declare Yourself In the process of getting your citizenship, you must submit clear documentation on how many years you have lived within the country. The first step in this process is the status of a permanant resident. What you are really looking for is a green card, but in order to get that you need to fill out several forms for the USCIS.

The sooner you do this the better. Of course, once you have your green card you will be afforded many other rights and benefits. 2. Your Rights As A Green Card Holder - You have the right to live in the country and not be deported - You may now exit and re- enter the country for short trips - You may be employed in any work that is legal - You may apply for Citizenship after a number of years 3. Getting Your Citizenship You will not be able to become a citizen without first living in the country for several years.

To become a citizen, you have to have lived in Canada for at least three of the four years prior to your application for citizenship. In the U.S, the rules are more strict - you can only apply for citizenship after living continuously as a Permanant Resident in the United States for five years straight. 4. Upgrading Your Legal Status One of the oldest known loopholes for people trying to become citizens is to get married to someone who is already a legal citizen.

This must be a completely valid marriage and you must be able to present a marriage certificate. Contact the USCIS immediately if you can - this will avoid any dispute about when you first entered the country and will ensure you get full citizenship as soon as possible. 5. Refugees Many refugees of war torn countries can get special treatment if they fill out an I-94 form and mail it immediately to the USCIS.

Refugees may be granted temporary protected status. The Attorney General may select nationals of a foreign country to be entitled for TPS if they find that conditions in that country present a risk to personal safety because of continuing armed wars or a some kind of natural catastrophe.

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