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A secret to creating attraction with women

Do you know one of the best kept secrets of attracting beautiful women Most men who are successful with women intuitively know a secret that is normally counterintuitive. This simply means that it goes against your normal way of thinking. One such element is the gentle art of teasing.

What happens when you meet an attractive woman? When most guys meet an attractive girl whom they desire, they tend to turn into ass-kissers who want to lavish her with flowers and gifts. This is NOT attractive. Always remember this! ***Kissing ass is not attractive.*** There is a time and a place to do buy flowers and gifts but doing so upon meeting a woman is not the time or the place for it.

(Note: There are guys who can do these things and create attraction, but they are able to do so without appearing needy. Most men do not fit this category.) Most men meet a beautiful woman and they feel compelled to start spending money on her, shower her with gifts and expensive dinners. It's natural to want to be generous towards people you really care about but a woman you've just met (or a first date) does not qualify as someone you genuinely care about. She is someone you are interested in getting to know better. That's all it is at this point, and I want you to internalize that belief.

You might say, "When I like a girl, I want to show her how much I care about her." I'd say bullcrap. You want to spend money on her in hopes that she will like you in return. Stop right now, and think about what I am saying for a few minutes. You'll find that it is unequivocally true.

Let me put it this way, if she were unattractive, would you feel the same way? If she looked like a demon, imagine Gene Simmons of the Rock band Kiss with breasts, (how is that for a sick visual?) would you still shower her with gifts? Would you feel compelled to buy an expensive dinner for the demon and bring it cute flowers? Of course not! It's not even an option. You are not insane. So in essence, by spending a lot of money on her, you are trying to buy her approval and love. This almost never works. People are not attracted to others who kiss their ass. This means you must stop supplicating in order to win a girl over.

Ass-kissing is not an attractive quality. It never has been, and it probably never will be. The next time you are going to blow a 100-dollars on an expensive dinner to win a girl over, remember this article and put your money back in your pocket.

Buy your mother or father (or both) a gift in appreciation for putting up with all of your crap during your teenage years. Tell them you bought them a gift on a recommendation from Cameron Teone. But for crying out loud, don't blow your money on some stranger you just met. OK, these random strangers are not going to be the beneficiaries of your expensive dinners and gifts, so then, what are you supposed to do? You can learn to be PLAYFUL and TEASE women. This is something you can start practicing as of today.

It may not come easy to you as this is counterintuitive to most men. Right about now you're thinking, "You mean start making fun of girls I like?" Well, yes and no. You can tease and be playful and yet not cross the line into becoming insulting. Most men make the mistake of overdoing it and they end up insulting women with mean spirited comments. Let me explain it this way: Think about the way you are with your close pals.

When you are hanging out at a social gathering, be it watching the ball game with the guys, going to dinner, or a social club, you tend to poke fun at each other in a light hearted manner and humorous way. But then suddenly, when it comes to women, you start dropping your fun persona. This is crazy. You are putting a halt to doing what makes you fun and interesting.

You did not make friends with your current pals because you asked them out to go to a 5 start restaurant, did you? (If you did, you really got problems.) It's the same way when it comes to attraction. If you'd like to attract the women of your choice, then you must be able to have fun and allow them to see that spending time with you will be enjoyable. There are numerous ways to tease women and I have met guys who do some light teasing to the ones who are much more hardcore. Imagine this, she says something a bit quirky and rather than you just agreeing with everying, you say instead, "Uh oh, I don't know about you".

" How different would that be? It would change the entire dynamic of the conversation. The key to delivering these lines is to have a sly smile and a playful tone. You are not a detective questioning a suspect in a crime. You are having fun and it should be obvious that you are having fun.

You'll be able to create your own style of teasing but I'll give you some ideas as well. Here is a fun way to tease, assume that she already likes you and wants you badly. If a woman puts a hand on you, you could respond with something fun like, "Well, if you are going to do that, at least buy me a drink first." or "Hey, making the moves on me already? Whatever happened to a dinner and a movie?" [Again, I reiterate: Your tonality and demeanor should exude a fun and playful aura.] The simple element of teasing by itself will not transform you into Don Juan overnight but it is an important step towards this direction. You can begin experimenting with this to gauge what works best for you.

You must discover what type of teases you enjoy doing and which ones get the best reaction. You are not being a jerk. You are having fun and girls will have fun with you. You can practice these everywhere.

They don't necessarily have to be done with girls you are approaching to "Hit on." Most men make the mistake of having an on/off switch. Either they are hitting on a girl, or they are not talking to her at all. This is a classic mistake that most men make. Avoid this mistake.

Learn to have fun with women in a playful manner. You can practice teasing women out at the coffee shop, at the supermarket, and wherever else you run into women. I'd suggest avoiding the hardcore teases at the workplace as they could cause problems. You will find that you'll start generating attraction much more so than before by sampling changing your style to be more playful. If you try this type of teasing-humor and fail at it repeatedly, it is because you are coming across as too serious and too "matter of fact." So get back to your piece of paper.

Write down ideas on how you can tease people in general. It can be about anything. Look at the circumstances you are in. A bit of playful sarcasm is fun and it can go a long way in creating a fun personal interaction. You do have to learn to calibrate the people you speak with, but that will come with time. Some guys get the wrong impression as they begin to think they must do this nonstop.

There is no need for that. A FEW teases here and there are all you really need to transform yourself from boring-guy to an interesting and appealing guy. Again, there is a learning curve and this is a process. It may take you a while to discover what you are comfortable with and what fits your personality. Also, take into account the culture you live in, especially if you are a foreigner living abroad. Teasing and humor are universal principles but you may have to make minor adjustments depending upon the culture.

The valuable lesson you learned today is going to create a positive change in your interaction with women. Instead of kissing their ass, offering to buy them drinks, and such, you are going to learn to tease them and have fun! Believe me, they'll appreciate it too. Women are tired of boring guys trying to buy their time. They are looking for guys who are able to have fun and be interesting.

Start having FUN with these interactions!! You'll attract more women in the process. Wishing you the best, Cameron Teone Copyright (c) 2007 Cameron Teone.

Cameron Teone conducts dating workshops and seminars all around the country. He specializes in teaching men how to date and attract desirable women. You can learn more here, Successful Dating Tips

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