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Album Title: Employment

At least until that new Coldplay record drops, the Kaiser Chiefs have positioned themselves to hold the title of Baddest Musicians in the World With a British Return Address.

Full of punky Kinks-esque jams that are all lousy with pint-hoisting choruses and New Wave goodness, "Employment" is gleefully packed with bounding thrills -- none bigger than "I Predict a Riot," a Strummer-worthy anthem that'll go down as one of the year's giddiest singles.

Album Title: Mayfield Remixed: The Curtis Mayfield Collection

Theme remix records, depending on what day of the week it is, are either a novel means by which to re-introduce classic grooves to a fresh generation or a quick cash-in that boils down the motif "house beats on old songs." Sometimes, they work magnificently; witness Madlib's access to the Blue Note catalog, which resulted in the impressive "Shades of Blue."

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TOP ALBUMS March 18 2005

  1. 50 Cent The Massacre, Shady, Aftermath

  2. Jack Johnson In Between Dreams, Jack Johnson, Brushfire

  3. The Game The Documentary, Aftermath, G-Unit

  4. Jennifer Lopez Rebirth, Epic

  5. Green Day American Idiot, Reprise

  6. Kelly Clarkson Breakaway, RCA

  7. Ray Charles Genius Loves Company Hear, Concord

  8. The Killers Hot Fuss, Island

  9. John Legend Get Lifted, G.O.O.D., Columbia

  10. Eminem Encore, Shady, Aftermath

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