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Album Title: Hurricane Bar
Producer(s): Richard Rainey
Label/Catalog Number: Mute 9280
Release Date: March 8
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: March 26, 2005

Britpop was the rage when the members of Mando Diao were growing up in Borlänge, Sweden, and the Fair Four learned their lessons well. Led by singer/guitarist/songwriters Gustaf Noren and Bjorn Dixgard, the band follows the British music time machine "Down in the Past," as one of its songs is called, through the blur of Oasis, through Ireland for a cup of Thin Lizzy and then back to Liverpool 1964. Mando Diao is even smart enough to borrow from Beatles influencers the Isley Brothers and the Shirelles. You can't argue with the source material, and you can't argue with songs as winning as "You Can't Steal My Love." George Harrison would enjoy hearing his guitar tone played with such clean efficiency on "Added Family." Melody is primary (we haven't heard such a melodic Swedish act since ABBA), even on the rock anthem "Kingdom & Glory." And are we crazy about the harmonies on "Clean Town"? Yeah, yeah, yeah!�XWR

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