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One Word
Producer(s): Linda Perry
Writer(s): L. Perry
Publisher(s): Stuck in the Throat/Famous Music (ASCAP)
Genre: POP
Label/Catalog Number: Sanctuary SANDJ-85712 (CD promo)
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: March 26, 2005

Forget everything you think you know about Kelly Osbourne's music. On "One Word"�Xthe first single from her forthcoming album, "Sleeping in the Nothing" (due June 7)�Xshe glides through the space-age number like she's the princess of the new wave dancefloor. It is absolutely nothing like any of her previous material, which was grounded in screechy punky-pop. Songwriter/producer Linda Perry frames Osbourne as a come-hither synth-pop goddess. And the ultra-catchy chorus layers processed vocals. "One Word" doesn't easily fit into any radio format, and with top 40 overrun with hip-hop, Osbourne could have a hard time getting play. She'll very likely have the easiest go at dance radio and in clubs.�XKC

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