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Album Title: Employment
Producer(s): Stephen Street, Stephen Harris
Genre: ROCK
Label/Catalog Number: Universal B0004215-02
Source: Billboard.com
Originally Reviewed: March 16, 2005

At least until that new Coldplay record drops, the Kaiser Chiefs have positioned themselves to hold the title of Baddest Musicians in the World With a British Return Address.

Full of punky Kinks-esque jams that are all lousy with pint-hoisting choruses and New Wave goodness, "Employment" is gleefully packed with bounding thrills -- none bigger than "I Predict a Riot," a Strummer-worthy anthem that'll go down as one of the year's giddiest singles.

And damned if the balance of "Employment" doesn't keep up the same rollicking pace, from the smartly sing-songy opener "Every Day I Love You Less and Less," complete with some fuzzy Commodore 64 sound effects, to the quick-hit hands-waver "Na Na Na Na Naa," which, with its breezy breakup lyrics ("She does not move me, she's not the kind of girl that I like") theoretically could get a whole pit of fans kissing off their girlfriends at once.

With "Employment," the Kaiser Chiefs have wasted no time in starting that riot they predicted.

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