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Here I Am
Producer(s): David Morales
Writer(s): D. Morales, A. Shantzis, T. Keenan
Publisher(s): various
Label/Catalog Number: DMI/Ultra BLT 026 (CD promo)
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: March 26, 2005

With dance radio and numerous club DJs still playing David Morales' previous No. 1 hit, "How Would U Feel," along comes single No. 2 from the artist's sophomore album, "2 Worlds Collide." Like its predecessor, "Here I Am" is signature Morales: straight-up, sophisticated soulful house. And whereas the previous hit single featured the soulful diva stylings of Lea-Lorién, this one shines the light on Tamra Keenan, whose delivery is sweet and somewhat innocent. Of course, this fits in perfectly with the song's story line. Remixers Kaskade and Full Intention toughen up the track ever so slightly, with the former adding acoustic guitar and the latter injecting a heavy bottom end. Expect this to be one of the songs of the 20th annual Winter Music Conference, which takes place March 22-26 in Miami.�XMP

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