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Ancient Rome Remains Roman Shoes - Ancient Rome remains one of the most fascinating and interesting cultures to date.

More And More People Are Opting For International Adoption - Today in the United States and Canada people who wish to adopt children will have to wait years and years.

Guitar Strings Last Longer With Proper Care - It is possible to extend the life of guitar strings by following these guidelines.

Piano improvisation Learn To Improvise On Your Piano By Faking - Do you have a fake book? Just one of those songs could be the source of many meaningful exercises that will help you grow as a musicician and as a pianist.

How to Look After Your Guitar - It is no big secret that proper care of your guitar will give you a more consistent quality of sound and an extended for the guitar .

Laurie Larsons Aquila a Hidden Gem that Needs Discovery - Aquila is a self produced and self promoted effort, but it is professionally recorded and the songs are complete performances.

Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Sound Projection - Pickups.

The Power of Music - Music's power influences the human spirit and emotions should not be underestimated.

Song Lyrics Make Whole A Singers Stunning Success - If you do not remember the commencing words, you can easily put up the chorus words to help in searching the melodies.

Is DADGAD Tuning Cheating - This short article tells of the author's first experience with open tunings on the acoustic guitar and how he came to appreciate them.

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