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Broken Wings
Producer(s): not listed
Writer(s): M. Tremonti
Publisher(s): various
Genre: ROCK
Label/Catalog Number: Wind-up WUJC 20123 (CD promo)
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: March 26, 2005

"Broken Wings" is a great track to elevate Alter Bridge's profile, which has slipped despite the promising run its first single, "Open Your Eyes," had last year. The song's sorrowful overtones and profound message were likely influenced by the loss of writer/guitarist Mark Tremonti's mother (she died in 2002), since a tune is dedicated to her on the band's self-titled debut. Contemplating topics like karma and mortality are weighty matters, but Tremonti's talent for writing inspiring anthems sets "Wings" aloft instead of letting it get bogged down in morbidity. Alter Bridge's steadfast performance anchors the lullaby melody, but the bass gently tolls in the background like a funeral bell, adding to the material's contradictions of sadness and enlightenment. It's an oddly comforting piece of work, helped by singer Myles Kennedy, whose rich, vibrant tenor makes the lyric sound soothing.�XCLT

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